Receiving a yearbook at the end of the school year is a special occasion, and I wanted to make the experience even more memorable by offering students and staff a multi-sensory experience. One that would be unforgettable.
Chosen to design the school’s yearbook cover and overall concept, I incorporated the themes of diversity, uniqueness, and legacy, to capture the idea of "leaving an imprint", which ultimately led to the final cover design.
The first impression is that of wonder, as the cover is inlaid with iridescent foil that glimmers as light reflects upon it. Then, as you hold and touch the book, you'll feel the raised, textured print. Lastly, as the book tilts, the yearbook's marked foil transforms in colour and shine. These design elements and concept are seamlessly carried through the entire yearbook in headings, layouts, and print.
In 2022, I was engaged as a consultant to provide guidance to current yearbook students in the development of their thematic approach and cover design. Employing remote co-design methods, I successfully facilitated the transformation of numerous abstract ideas into a cohesive & well-defined concept through a democratic process.
With this being the 11th edition of the book, we recognized it as a prime opportunity to accordingly dial the theme up to eleven and focus on the unifying power of music. The overarching narrative of the yearbook effectively conveyed the idea that music can bring people of diverse backgrounds together. The chosen title, 'Sound FX,' cleverly aligned with the school's widely used abbreviation, 'SFX.'
The cover embodies this theme with a garnet satin base and gold foil stamping, meticulously selected to match the school's official colours. Notably, this design approach yielded a cost reduction of 35% compared to the previous year's cover, all while adhering faithfully to the robust design system and guidelines that I had established four years prior.
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